NMVD X Boiler Room at Control Club // 5th November with The Hacker, Tama Sumo, Alexandru Jijian, Kosta si Eddie Lanzat
NMVD Iasi is moving to Bucharest due to the concerning rising number of COVID-19 infection cases in Iasi County. In order to safeguard the health and safety of its participants, staff and artists, promoters decided to move NMVD’s Iasi edition (which was supposed to take place at The Secret, on the 17th of September) to Bucharest, at Control Club, on the 5th of November.


NOMVD presents its debut edition of traveling electronic music party series this summer, with three parties lined up for August and September in Bucharest, Mamaia/ Constanta and Iasi. The events will showcase a post-apocalyptic (which is not far away from reality) scenario with a variety of electronic music artists, custom made decor and wild interactive performance acts to enhance the ambiance.


După includerea sectorului cultural în schema de ajutor de stat ce urmează a fi lansată, prin care pot fi accesate fonduri nerambursabile pentru capital de lucru și fonduri nerambursabile pentru investiții, Guvernul invită sectorul cultural – muzical antreprenorial la masa discuțiilor pentru o mai bună gestionare a măsurilor sanitare trasate pentru industrie. Asociația Română a […]