Metallica | August 14th | National Arena | Bucharest, Romania


Access starts at 4:30 PM for all ticket holders via the three entrances on Basarabia Boulevard, Maior Coravu Street and Pierre de Coubertin Street. To avoid crowds, the organizers recommend the public know beforehand the area for which they have purchased tickets.

We remind you that on your tickets you have all the information regarding the easiest access way to the purchased seats. Please, download the access map for all details.

The access to the concert area will be allowed only based on a valid ticket, to one person, one time. The ticket must be kept for the duration of the concert and the viewers must also have a valid identity card. Without the identity card, access to the concert area will not be allowed.

The ticket purchased for this concert grants only one access to the stadium until the end of the concert. Those who leave the concert area will not be able to come back.

The attendance of children under 12 years of age at the concert is not recommended due to the very high volume of the music. But if you choose to come with the little ones, you will do it on your own responsibility, based on the access tickets you have purchased for them. At the same time, we recommend that you provide children with noise-canceling headphones. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.


The organizers recommend the public comes to the venue in time, but not before the official opening of the access gates mentioned above. This will decrease the waiting time in the access areas.

The organizers recommend using the access gates corresponding to the areas where the purchased tickets are distributed, the gates being appropriately signaled.

The organizers recommend that the audience, once entered the concert hall, should locate the closest exit from the sector where their tickets were allocated. Once you exit the concert area, to return to the arena, viewers will need another ticket. The concert is nevertheless sold-out, so you won’t have this opportunity. The same applies to bracelet owners.

Event’s schedule:
Ghost and Bokasa will perform between 5:45 PM and 7:45 PM.
Metallica will get on stage around 7:45 PM.

In the concert area you will NOT be allowed to bring the following:
  • beverages and food purchased outside the perimeter of the location,
  • bottles (including any kind of perfume bottles, any other bottles or deodorants), plastic cans, aluminum cans, canned food, banners supported by sticks, sprays, lasers,
  • chairs,
  • weapons, blunt objects, chains,
  • umbrellas,
  • pets,
  • rucksacks, bulky luggage larger than A4,
  • motorcycle helmets,
  • selfie sticks, professional cameras, audio-video recording devices of any kind or GoPro devices.
In the concert area, you will be allowed to bring:
  • compact cameras,
  • cigarette lighters,
  • medicines (such products are allowed only if they are accompanied by a prescription, medical letter or any other substitute document with a maximum daily dose), insulin, inhalation spray for asthma.
For safety reasons and good conduct of the event, participants are also asked to undergo detailed body check-ups at the request of security agents.

As we are expecting a high number of people, the organizers recommend getting to the stadium by using the subway or buses. People who decide to come by car will have a limited number of parking spots in the Arena parking space. It is accessible from Bd. Basarabia and it is limited to 1000 spots. Please, arrive earlier to benefit from available spaces. The tariff is 50 Lei/ event/ car. Once parked, the car can’t be moved during the concert and access to the car is forbidden until the event ends.

Purchase of beverages and food

Inside the National Arena, you will be able to purchase soft drinks, water, beer with and without alcohol, coffee, ice cream, and snacks. All beverages will be served in disposable cups. All products will be available for purchase with cash or credit card.

Other general information

Any kind of recording of the show is strictly forbidden. Artist management can confiscate any audio-video recorder used by the event participants.

During the show, it is possible to use stroboscope lights that can harm people with photosensitive epilepsy.

On the premises of the National Arena, smoking is strictly prohibited, except in specially designed and marked areas. Those who will not comply with this rule are liable to be fined.

The concert is sold-out.

The ticket can not be replaced if it is lost, stolen or destroyed and it is valid for a single entry. The ticket can not be transferred to another person or resold. The reproduction of tickets is illegal.

The organizer reserves the right to use photos and videos with event participants for promotional purposes. The audience, by participating in the event, transfers all rights to photos and recordings made during the concert to the organizer.

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