Access Rules & Regulations for NOMVD party @ Combinatul Fondului Plastic, Bucharest


NOMVD’s debut edition of traveling electronic music parties is set to take place this Saturday in Bucharest, at the Plastic Arts Compound (www.combinat.ro), in a post-apocalyptic decor, with Palms Trax, Man Power, Mehmet Aslan and Eddie Lanzat. Doors open: 16:00.

Event: https://fb.me/e/1vTsYQ5Es

Schedule: 16:00 – 02:00


Tickets can be purchased by accessing IaBilet at: https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-nomvd-the-post-apocalyptic-rave-66689/ and the cost is 75 RON per ticket both online & at the door, until 20:00.

Starting 20:00 tickets will cost 90 RON both online & at the door.

SARS-CoV-2 info:

According to local law regulations, access and participation in the event are only allowed for those who check one of the following:

  • Ticket holders who can provide proof of vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and for whom 10 days have passed after the first dose for single-dose vaccines or afterthe 2nd dose for double-dose vaccines;
  • Ticket holders who can provide proof of a negative result of a SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR TEST not older than 72 hours or a negative result of a SARS-CoV-2 RAPID ANTIGEN TEST not older than 24 hours;
  • Ticket holders who can provide proof of COVID illness recovery and find themselves between the 15th and the 180th days after a positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR test.

* proofs need to be issued by certified labs

For those of you who cannot provide one of the above and are willing to be tested, a quick antigen testing service will be available at the entrance, on the day of the event, between 16:00 and 24:00, provided by Spard Team.

 How it’s done:

  • A QR code will be available at the entrance testing point; ticket holders who wish to take the quick test must scan the QR code and fill in the online form; please make sure you bring an ID card (National ID Card or Passport) with you;
  • The price of one rapid antigen test is 30 RON (approximately 6 Euros) and must be paid in CASH ONLY, in RON, by the ticket holder;
  • The medical team will then carry out the test by taking a sample through a nasopharyngeal exudate;
  • The test results are issued in approximately 10 minutes and ticket holders who get a negative result will then be able to proceed to the entrance, where tickets are validated for access to the event.

Entry to the event area will be allowed through the designated access area, based on a valid ticket, which will be replaced with an access wristband. One ticket grants access for one person only, once. Participants must have their ticket with them and an identification document (National ID Card or Passport) at all times during the event.

The ticket buyer, through the act of buying said ticket agrees to the promoter’s terms & conditions, obliges to comply to the legally imposed measures as well as the event’s access regulations communicated and enforced by the promoter at the time of ticket purchase, before and during the event and/ or on the venue’s premises.

In order to safeguard the health and safety of all participants, NOMVD is an open-air event, organised in compliance with local law regulations. Participants are kindly asked to come at the communicated hours, in order to avoid queueing and crowding and once they access the venue, to locate the nearest emergency exit.

NOMVD is a +18 event and access for people under 18 years of age is forbidden.

Drinks & Food at the venue:

  • Water, soft drinks, energizing drinks, beer, long drinks and shots will be available at the bar;
  • There will be no food available at the venue.

The following items are NOT ALLOWED on the venue’s premises:

  • drinks from outside the venue;
  • bottles (including perfume bottles of any weight, deodorants etc.), plastic gallons, aluminum cans;
  • fireworks, sticks, sprays, lasers;
  • dangerous or forbidden materials, explosives, drugs;
  • objects that are sharp, heavy, hard, made of glass, metal, or other objects that may be hazardous to other participants;
  • chairs;
  • weapons, chains as well as shoes, backpacks, or clothing containing hard or heavy elements, which can be detrimental to another participant’s health if accidentally come into contact with his/ her body;
  • umbrellas;
  • animals;
  • large bags (A4 dimensions are permitted);
  • selfie sticks, professional photo cameras, audio-video recording devices, GoPros.

The following items are ALLOWED on the venue’s premises:

  • compact photo cameras;
  • lighters;
  • medicines (accompanied by prescription or medical letter), insulin pumps, oxygen spray.

Other Info:

Recording the shows is strictly prohibited (with the exception of press accreditations). The promoter reserves the right to confiscate any professional audio-video recording device used to record the show without having a press accreditation.

Flashing lights or contrasting light and dark patterns might be used during the performances, which may harm those with photosensitive epilepsy.

The access ticket cannot be replaced if it is lost, stolen or destroyed and it grants access one time only, for one person.

It is forbidden to sell or replicate tickets.

NOMVD will have photographers taking event photos throughout the night. By taking part in the event, the participants agree with the promoter reserving the right to use the photos and recordings of the event and its participants for marketing purposes.

Next two parties of this year’s NOMVD series of events are scheduled to take place on the 3rd of September in Constanta (Mamaia Nord) at Form Beach and the 17th of September in Iasi, at The Secret.

All participants acknowledge the event is sponsored by BCR – George and branded items will be present at the venue during the event. The participants can use the branded items according to their intended destination (bean bags, lighted tables etc).